E&B Bezzera Shower | SR200RNT Nanotech เคลือบนาโน


ตะแกรงหัวชงกาแฟ Bezzera, Nuova simonelli ยี่ห้อ IMS Italy SR200RNT ตัวนี้จะเพิ่มอัตราการสกัดสูงกว่า ทำให้ชงกาแฟใส่นมได้รสชาติที่ดีขึ้น

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The E&B LAB is a division of IMS 
E&B Lab Competition shower screen with NanoQuartz coating
New improved  IMS competition shower screen 


The NT at the end of the product code is NanoQuartz.

The main feature of the coating is the anti adhesion features that simplifies the cleaning, but above all it creates a shower effect that moisturises the coffee puck, avoiding channelling through the coffee puck and improving coffee extraction.
During manufacturing, the steel nano-technology is introduced to prevent deposits from forming, allowing a drop-by-drop water flow for unparalleled distribution on the coffee puck.
E&B Lab Quartz Nanotechnology Shower Screen is an unmatched, quality shower screen,  with a filtering membrane integrated inside the body.
 NT Features:

-  The unique design and Quartz Nanotechnology  will improve the water flow, make the cleaning process of the shower a simple wipe and increase extraction consistency, more durable and more resistant.
-  This shower screen is coated with the application of nanotechnology, a High NanoQuartz Coating that enhances the non-sticky feature of this shower.
-  Non-stick coating made of NANOQUARTZ increases the resistance to corrosion and chemical reaction.
- Certified for food contact
-The reinforcement guarantees the non-deformability of the shower even when the coffee is overdosed, maintaining the flatness over time.

 Fits the following coffee machines

Nuova Simonelli :  Aurelia II T3 For Appia click here  (This screen has no indent for the screw -  the IMS screens come with an indent for Appia and other Aurelia models) For Appia click here 
Bezzera : Victoria , Matrix
Victoria Arduino

Dimensions:  External 57.5 mm x  Internal 55.5 MM  x Wall height 4.4 mm Thickness 0.8mm 
Holes area:    Ø 2.2 mm, 121 holes -  (Central hole:  Ø 6 mm, )
Material:         Stainless steel AISI304  and NSF 51 Food Safe certified
Shower type: Reinforced,  photo-etched, caulking membrane 200 µm | Caulking: The membrane is fixed to the body of the shower and the support disk by bending.IMS code:      SR 200 RNT

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