Bottomless La Marzarcco

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ด้ามชงกาแฟ แบบเปลือยก้น ของแท้ (แถมฟรีสปริงในด้าม มูลค่า 150 บาท)

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La Marzocco has redesigned their classic portafilter. It is now made entirely out of stainless steel, giving you a cleaner finish and protection from coffee oils and stains. The portafilter is lighter in weight and has better heat retention once it becomes hot. The spouts are easier to remove by hand and clean quickly. Also, on the bottom is the brand new tamping lip, which allows you to easily tamp the portafilter on the edge of your counter. This new feature gives you tamping stability in a convenient and sanitary way. The Marzocco portafilter still retains its 15 degree angled rubber handle.



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